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A freelancer who provide service for digital programming and design content needs, for all businesses

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UI/UX Design


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UI/UX Design

Create a beautiful and usefull UI display for ease of use of the application

Front End Develop

Build a quality website with the best technology and optimization on search engines

Java Desktop

Create an app for your own business for a more professional business performance

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Front End Develop


Web Design


Java Desktop

City Search

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I worked with Edon many projects and it's a honor to work with him. He is always in time to finish every project he had, and work exacly what you asked for. Still I am working with him and I am going to work with him no doubt about that.
He is the best !

Samir V.


We had many project together about design and he had a great and very creative idea everytime, also he's not afraid to try everything that is possible.
He have a sharp eyes and can see every details in design, he never miss nothing no doubt.

Yllka U.

UX/UI Design

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